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Maroondah Volleyball

Sporting Schools

Secondary Schools

Maroondah Volleyball's Secondary School programs allow students to practice advanced skills, develop game awareness and participate in actual games of Volleyball. 

Volleyball Spikezone coaching packages are available to suit individual school's needs.


Coach Delivered Program 

Administration fee$132.00                     

1 coach $137.00 per session

2 coaches $203.00 per session 

Note* sessions with 40 participants, MUST have a second coach. 

Teacher Delivered Program 

Total cost: $222.00

Note: A teacher coaching the program will be required to complete the Level 1 Coaching Foundation Course ($49.50) and become a Technical Member with Volleyball Victoria ($33.00). 


Information for the School

Benefits of Volleyball:

  • Inclusive of all cultures, abilities, and genders

  • An accessible sport - any surface (oval, grass, hall, beach), anywhere, any time

  • Can be played by both male and female

  • Non-contact sport

  • Minimal equipment

  • The court size and net height can be adjusted to accommodate players skill level

  • The popularity of volleyball in schools with the largest high school sporting tournament in the southern hemisphere

  • Two Olympic disciplines (beach and indoor volleyball)

How to Book a Spikezone Program:

Sports Australia has developed an Online Schools Portal for schools to make booking requests for their Sporting Schools program.


Schools use the system to:

  • Search and compare Sporting Schools packages that meet their school's needs;

  • Send NSOs and coaching providers real-time, electronic notifications of their booking requests; and/or

  • Nominate for teacher-delivered sports packages

More information on booking a coach delivered program

More information on booking a teacher delivered sports package


For more information on our Sporting Schools programs, please contact: 

Development Coordinator  



2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd

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